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2.4G Gravity Sensor Drone

2.4G Gravity Sensor Drone

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About This Item 

  • Compact size (length of 170mm, width of 170mm, and height of 38mm) 3.7V 150mAh battery for the remote control with a charging time of about 30 minutes and a use time of about 10 hours
  • Automatic shut-off feature for the remote control and low-voltage protection to prevent it from being used when it needs to be charged
  • 17V 550mAh battery for the drone with a charging time of about 60 minutes and a flight time of approximately 6 minutes
  • Remote control range of 40 meters
  • Ability to hover in flight
  • Low power protection to prevent the drone from crashing due to low battery
  • Glaring light for improved visibility during flight
  • Omni-bearing induction for improved stability and control
  • Interactive features for an enhanced user experience
  • Anti-collision technology to help prevent accidents during flight
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