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Digital Spoon Scale

Digital Spoon Scale

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🎯 High Precision Measure 🎯: This digital kitchen spoon scale is equipped with a high-precision sensor system and an easy-to-read LCD display. It can handle a maximum weight of 500g with incredible accuracy in increments of 0.1g. Now you can cook with confidence knowing you have precise measurements at your fingertips! 🔍📏

💁‍♀️ Friendly Features 💁‍♀️: Our mini gram scale comes with 4 different units (g, oz, ct, gn) for versatile weighing options. With a simple press of the MODE function button, you can effortlessly switch between units. The HOLD function button allows you to lock or unlock the weight readout, ensuring you don't miss any important measurements. The auto shut-off function also helps save power, extending the life of your scale. 🔄🔒💡

🌟 Simple and Stylish 🌟: Embrace elegance in your kitchen with this beautiful electronic measuring spoon scale, complete with a handy TARE function. It's the ideal tool for precisely weighing both solid and liquid ingredients, whether you're measuring butter, flour, cream, tea, or spices during your cooking or baking adventures. It's designed to elevate your kitchen and enhance your daily diet. 🍳🥄

👜 Easy to Carry 👜: This lightweight and slim measuring spoon scale is incredibly easy to store, and you can take it anywhere you go! The handle comes with a convenient circle for hanging, making it a perfect travel weight scale for your picnics or grilling escapades. 🚗🍔

🔋 Long Battery Life 🔋: Your cooking companion won't let you down! This digital food scale comes with a 3V CR2032 battery (Included) that lasts a long time thanks to its low energy consumption. The auto shut-off function ensures that your battery is preserved when not in use. When the battery is running low, a battery symbol will appear on the LCD display, and fear not, as the button battery is easily replaceable. 🔋🔄

🛒 Get your hands on this fantastic digital kitchen spoon scale now and experience the joy of precise measurements in your culinary endeavors! 🛍️👩‍🍳

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