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Car Pressure Washer

Car Pressure Washer

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Experience the Power of High-Pressure Water Flow! 💦

🌊 High-Powered Performance
Our robust motor generates consistently strong water pressure for all your cleaning needs. No more struggling with weak streams! 💪🚿

🍃 Stainless Steel Filter Net
Efficiently filters out sediment, insects, leaves, and residues to ensure a smooth water flow while safeguarding the water outlet. Clean without interruptions! 🌿🚰

🧰 Comprehensive Accessories
Included in the package is a 5-meter water hose, perfect for drawing water over long distances, and a 400ml bottle to enhance your cleaning by creating rich foamy solutions. Complete cleaning convenience! 🧴🚰

🏡 Versatile Applications
This powerhouse can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, from cars and yards to windows, balconies, gardens, and more. Your versatile cleaning companion! 🚗🏞️🪟🏡💧


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