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Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones

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🎧 Bluetooth 5.0 Bone Conduction Headphones IPX5 Waterproof:

  • Enjoy immersive 8D surround sound and true wireless experience.
  • Stable Bluetooth connection without delays for hands-free usage.

💫 Binaural Separation Clip on Headphones:

  • Connect two earphones to one mobile simultaneously.
  • Switch freely between left and right earbuds with ease.

🔊 Ear Clip Bone Conduction Headphones:

  • Stay safe while enjoying clear calls and reduced noise.
  • Experience enhanced call clarity even in noisy environments.

🎯 True Wireless New Fashion Design:

  • Enjoy up to 6.5 hours of continuous music playback.
  • Stylish design and versatility for everyday activities.

💪 Lightweight & Stable Fit:

  • Soft silicone material for comfortable and secure wearing.
  • Designed for a painless and secure fit during various activities.

Experience the best of sound, comfort, and style with our bone conduction headphones! 🎧✨

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